Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Pokhara , Nepal

POKHARA- A Place to Visit.

Annapurna Range
Boating in Rara Lake
Davis Falls
Rara Lake

Pokhara is situated at about 827 meter from sea level and is located 124 miles i.e about 200km west of Kathmandu and can be reached by air in 35 minutes and 6 hrs by bus or private vehicle. Pokhara is next destination after Kathmandu. Sourrounded by beautiful Snow capped mountains with a magnificent lake of crystal clear pure Himalayan water, all year pleasing weather and friendly locals greetings will be the momorable event in your life.

Places to Visit in Pokhara:
  • The Fewa lake
  • 1.5 Km Long and second largest lak ein Nepal offers an excellent view of the mountians and their reflections on the lake. Many tours and trekking agencies are located in the lake side. One can easlity find the place to sit back,relax and enjoy great meal while enjoying scenery here in Pokhara.
  • Annapurna Range Skyline:
  • The most spectacular sight in Pokhara is the sight of Annapurna range. This range stretching from west to east includes Dhaulagiri, South Annapurna,Annapurna 1, Hiunchuli Fishtail(Machhapuchare), Annapurna 3, Annapurna 4 and Annapurna 2. In Pokhara ,the much talked about mountain Machhapuchare located in the middle of the Annapurna Range can be seen standing right infront of us.
    Everyone in Pokhara wakes up early in hte morning to greet the mountains during sunrise. The reflections of sunlight from a mountains is always a breathtaking sight. You will never forget the picture of the Machhapuchare
    The name Pokhara is derived from the word Pokhari,which in Nepali means pond or lake. There are about 8 lakes in Pokhara and besides the Fewa Lake ,the other two lakes are known as Begnas lake and Rupa Lake located about 15 km from Pokhara and are ideal place for relaxation,boating and fishing. Get to Begnas by Bus or by a taxi or cycle from Pokhara. Visit Begnas Bazaar for a unique hillside market experience.

  • Seti Gandaki/George :
  • Seti Gandaki and Seti George are other two important place to vist in Pokhara. The seti Gandaki flows right through the city,it runs completely underground at many places. There is a local myth that the entire land of Pokhara floats on the Seti river. Rivers in Nepal are known for their strength and purity as the entire source is from the Himalayan Range
  • Davis Fall:
  • Witness a unique waterfall that lies 2km from central Pokhara City. The waterfall directly goes into deep and narrow canal with no ends. It is believed that this is deadly waterfall took the life of a Tourist named David,who fell down into the canal and was vever found and hence named DAvid Waterfall. This place has many nick names like DAvy's falls, David's falls or Davis's fall all meaning the same thing.
  • Mahendra Cave
  • Mahendra cave is located about 10 km north from central Pokhara. It is natural site located across the Seti river passing the Btulechours village.

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