Thursday, March 7, 2013

Three simple ways to earn money online.

Today where the market of internet is so huge , one can earn some extra money working on it. Every business house , there products and features  etc want good traffic and views from the internet. This way they will generate good revenue also their brand and sales goes high. There are thousand of online job sites in the world of web but all are not trustworthy. I now have find few websites which are easy to use and they pay good amount for our work. Here below are some links.

1. Earn by viewing websites.
This provides the free registration of the user and can earn simply by viewing others party website provided in the website  itself. Though the amount are in cents  but as said drops and drops turns into oceans. There are other things to be done in website like doing task ,completing offers ,playing games and paying surveys. You can also earn my making referrals. These below two websites I currently work for , they are real and pay well. So if you are interested then you can have a try.
Just click the link below and sign up.

2. Doing Micro jobs.
I here want to share you the websites where so many small jobs starting from  $ 0.10 are posted . You have to complete the job along with proof and get paid finally. The jobs are of various kinds and it only requires basic English and Internet skills.

3.Your website can Earn money. 
Have you heard about Google adsense ? Yes it the programme which pays for the click on the advertisement placed in your website by the viewers. But Google Adsense is very risky, you have to work very hard to get its link also the pay is not good. You can be banned anytime and all your hard works fails. This I have experienced. So Bidvertiser is like Adsense. You have to sign up and place the adds of bidvertiser in your website. You will get paid for the click of the add and also for the views. You can withdraw the revenue by any means like paypal,cheques, western union etc.
Also if you want to promote your business you can use this marketing websites.

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